See the Northern Lights flickering in the frosty Greenlandic sky


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The rolling, mythical and magical Northern Lights will surprise and amaze you, and Greenland is the perfect place to experience the phenomenon – in the middle of nature, where the mountains and the snow are illuminated by the green and red light show.

“The Northern Lights are so amazing and gives a unique peace of mind” – Birgitte Lennert, 2011.

The Northern Lights dancing in the night sky is a sight to behold that winter guests in Greenland are likely to experience. From early spring the night sky is regularly illuminated with the Northern Lights’ emerald glow. It is a natural phenomenon that always creates excitement and wonder, not only for first time viewers, but also among the resident population, who are often seen craning their necks with the same equal pleasure and admiration of the phenomenon as the tourists.

Over time, the Inuit have also allowed themselves to be marvelled and in the clear polar nights the Northern Lights challenge the imagination. A famous legend says that when the Northern Lights dance in the sky it means that the deceased are playing football with a walrus skull. Today, some people think it brings children luck if they are conceived under the magical glow of the Northern Lights.

The Northern Lights – or Aurora Borealis as it is known – actually occur year round, but it is not seen in the summer in Greenland, because of the midnight sun. It often appears around midnight and is best experienced on a dark, clear night sky from September until the beginning of April. If you are travelling during that period, you can see the Northern Lights throughout the country, but in South Greenland the Northern Lights can already be seen from the end of August.