Experience the magnificent and untouched countryside from a dogsled in genuine Greenlandic style

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To go dog sledding is a lifetime experience that you should not miss out on when you visit Greenland in winter. You will be dressed in warm clothes and ride with a Greenlandic driver out in the endless, snow-covered mountain landscapes.

Dog sled tours are offered north of the Arctic Circle in West Greenland and in Tasiilaq, and Ittoqqortoormiit in East Greenland. The season starts in February and lasts until April.

“Dog sledding is the feeling of ultimate freedom”

– Lene Frøslev, 2011

Dog sledding takes place in several countries in the Arctic, including Sweden and Norway, but no other destination can match Greenland when it comes to authenticity: The dog sled and sled dogs are in fact deeply embedded in Greenlandic culture and it is just as much a part of the country’s history as the kayak.

The dog sled continues to play an important role as a means of transport for hunters to hunt. The hunters will also like tourists along on a trip. You can choose everything from day trips to week-long sled trips staying overnight in a cabin.

If you want to experience Greenland at its most beautiful and dramatic, you must go to the east coast and the unique natural area of Liverpool Land at Ittoqqortoormiit or Tasiilaq on the island of Ammassalik. The biggest mountains and glaciers are here and it is close to the Ice Sheet.

Most people choose to go on short trips to Kangerlussuaq, Sisimiut or Greenland’s largest tourist town, Ilulissat, which is also a destination of outstanding beauty that is also a little more accessible if you fly direct from Denmark to Greenland and you do not want a trip via Iceland, as is required for a visit to the east coast towns.