Rough is in the heart of the land and the spirit of the people. Rough are the pioneers that built and continue to build this country and make modern adventures possible. Rough is the dead of winter and the deep of the Arctic night.



Rough are the subsistence hunters, the fishermen, the backcountry snowmobilers, and the dogsled drivers. Rough is the climate and the challenges from global warming. Rough are the guides who spend their lives bringing you great experiences.

Most people probably know that the “Big Five” refers to five extraordinary animals on the African continent: the elephant, lion, black rhinoceros, leopard and Cape buffalo. Very few people, however, know about the ‘Big Arctic Five.’ For that we have to go to the northern hemisphere; there we find five reasons to travel to…Greenland.

If there is one thing that is particularly plentiful in Greenland, it’s space—and lots of it. In fact, the country ranks as the least populated country in the world with only three inhabitants per 100 km2 (38.6 sq miles). All you need to do is hike up the mountain in Kangerlussuaq (in Danish: Søndre Strømfjord) when arriving from Denmark or in Narsarsuaq if you arrive from Iceland: From there, you will see the ice sheet—a mere 15 miles from the small airport settlement—and beyond that mountain ranges, vast empty space, and unpopulated quiet landscapes with none of the people, hustle and bustle or any other signs of civilization as far as the eye can see.